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The South African Ambassador ( Doha’s Ambassadors and their Cars )

He describes himself as a "PETROL HEAD" and thinks the flying car is not too far in the future. Read our exclusive INTERVIEW with Doha's South African Ambassador H.E Mr. Faizel Moosa.
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Abdo Feghali Speak's To Cars In Doha

Abdo Feghali opens up to Cars In Doha - about his achievements, his Guinness Book of World Records and reveals what he is secretly most proud of in life...
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The Philippine Ambassador ( Doha’s Ambassadors and their Cars )

Ambassador Santos tells us why he thinks electric cars are part of the future as well as explaining what happened when his car broke down in the middle of the road!
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The Italian Ambassador ( Doha’s Ambassadors and their Cars )

Ambassador Sanctis reveals why he was lucky to learn how to drive in Italy, what he thinks about Italian cars and how he was once forced to change a car tyre alone in the desert!
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The Hot Seat: Mohamad Al Khaiat known as one of the best drifters in Qatar if not the best!

Al Khaiat Explained his comeback on winning "The 2018 Qatar's Redbull King Of Drift" after his BMW EuroFighter faced a mechanical problem on the 2nd to last round. Also find out about his Biggest Obstacles while learning to drift! Plus many more...
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The German Ambassador ( Doha’s Ambassadors and their Cars )

Former Ambassador Storz-Chakarji explain's why German cars are so successful on the international market, her passion for vintage cars as well as some great tips for staying safe on the roads.
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The Spanish Ambassador ( Doha’s Ambassadors and their Cars )

Ambassador Ignacio Escobar talks about Spain's growing car manufacturing market, his unfortunate mishap whilst trying to change a tyre and his love for classic cars.
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